Photo by ANZAÏ


About the artwork

I was extremely intrigued by the prospect of working with the artist Cai Guo-Chiang, being a great admirer of his work for a long time. I knew that he was giving me the opportunity to go to Japan where I had never been and to make a site specific work in an unusual museum. I was also intrigued to participate in the festival at large. What was described to me was something like a bloodless cultural revolution. An area was giving cultural people the opportunity to impact their lives in a very unknown manner through both the temporary and permanent installations made by a great variety of people and disciplines. My studio practice was expanded by having the opportunity to make something much larger than what I am capable of making at home thanks to the volunteer workers’ help. Therefore I feel extremely privileged to have participated in this festival. I feel like it has conceptually expanded my work.


Artwork no. M009
Production year 2003
Area Tsunan
Village Mountain Park
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