Post-War LoveLetter(To Niigata Rice Terraces From Ifugao Rice Terraces… With Love)

Photo Ogose Hisato


About the artwork

This hut overlooking the Gejo rice terraces was relocated from terraces in the Philippines. A dozen Ifugao tribesmen in loincloths worked with local farmers for 14 days, rebuilding the hut in pouring rain. The dap-ay traditional stone platform (where village elders transmit legends orally to the young) depicts a cultural battleground. World War III is fought between two Goddesses of the Wind (seen in two totem poles): Ifugao Typhoon Goddess (Inhabian) versus Hollywood Goddess of the Wind (Marilyn Monroe). For the people of Ifugao, World War II ended when General Yamashita surrendered, just seven kilometers from this hut . . . this love letter from Ifugao farmer-artists to Niigata. [Production Team members: Lopez Nauyac, Lorenz Annanayo, Pedro Mang-ohan, Santos Bayucca, Kabunyan De Guia and farmers / woodcarvers / shamans from Patpat, Hungduan, Romy Ginamay, Romy Pidazo and Ifugao]


Artwork no. T186
Production year 2009
Area Tokamachi
Village Gejo
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