Private TRAP 6.0

Photo by NAKAMURA Osamu


About the artwork

Humans trap animals; animals trap humans. Humans trap other humans, and trap themselves too. Sometimes one crawls into a trap on his own will, but what drives such movement is unable to be traced. One can escape from the trap on his own or with the help of others. In the Private TRAP project, the artist creates a human body-scale mesh made for the dimensions of his own body with the function of trapping, using the principles of mousetraps and fyke (fish) nets. These cages, sometimes in geometrical shapes, sometimes anthropomorphic forms, are installed in nature and in urban built environment.


Artwork no. K102
Production year 2018
Area Kawanishi
Venue Nakago Green Park, Motomachi Mizube Koen, Fushikurojoseki Camping Site
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