Prospect Cottage for Painting・TSUMARI

Photo by ANZAÏ

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About the artwork

“Steel Tower / Ridgelines of the Three Peaks of Echigo——Horizontal-Format Window”When I first visited the slightly elevated grove of the Nakago Green Park of Kawanishi, I could see the ridgelines of the three peaks of Echigo —— Komaga Peak, Mount Hakkai, Nakano Peak. The ridgelines distinguished the mountains from the sky while overlapping one another, indicating a rhythm and movement. I attempted to set an horizontal format alongside the ridgelines, but the vertical steel transmission line towers always invaded the horizontal scenery. However, after repeatedly visiting Echigo-Tsumari and going through the tunnel, I began to think that the communitie’s culture in the region was protected by the mountains. I then reached the conclusion that including the mountains and the steel tower in one format, in contrast, would be the true expression of Echigo-Tsumari. Each window has already experienced the warm colors of autumn and is waiting, with a sharp roof and external wall which looks like a coat of amour, for the pure white winter to arrive. Then this cottage will have experienced the full four seasons, including the spring with its fresh green and the groves of mid-summer.

Information and Map

Artwork no. K022
Production year 2003
Admission ETAT Passport or Special ticket
Area Kawanishi
Village Nakago Green Park
Open dates From the late April (It will be open after snow season) to the beginning of November
Venue Nakago Green Park(2924-28, Ueno Kou, Tokamachi-City, NIigata)
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