Photo by ANZAÏ


About the artwork

Que Flui, in Portuguese means “that which flows” and can be used both for liquid substances and for a conversation that goes well. A glass table and two highly polished black stone bencches are situated on the curve of a road in the mountain town of Matsunoyama. Underneath the table flows an artificial stream providing participants direct access to the. Raw earth, recently excavated from the waterfall area, surrounds Que Flui. Landscape water is an accumulation of events, stories and histories. Que Flui, a public-space site for conversations, allows for that accumulation on the raw earth to begin. Experimental intimacies of engagement begin the making of landscape. Que Flui is a site for place-making. It is an on-going process facilitating the encounter of the participant in the process of the formation of the Que Flui landscape.


Artwork no. Y034
Production year 2003
Area Matsunoyama
Village Yumoto
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