Roses in July 2006 / Untitled



About the artwork

The house used for the thematic exhibition gave the artist a sense of nostalgia. The time lost, the signs of the residents, the laughter of children, the smell of supper. The work was arranged so as to lean towards the flow of “energy” created by the house. Outside, having been rained upon and full of moisture, the green bamboo stood elegantly with a refreshing look next to young seedlings in the field. By the time the rice had begun to take on color, the bamboo, burnt by the sun of Echigo-Tsumari, had also altered its color, was covered by grass, and blended into the scenery of the rice fields. At the time of the removal of the work, villagers joined in the work, saying, “we wanted to help with something.”


Artwork no. K042
Production year 2006
Area Kawanishi
Village Koshirakura
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