E077: Seppuku Pistols appear all across Tsumari

Photo by NAKAMURA Osamu


About the artwork

Wearing “noragi” (farm clothes), Seppuku Pistols is a travelling theatre and musical group that performs across Japan playing traditional Japanese musical instruments such as the taiko and shamisen. This year in the Echigo-Tsumari region, they will be performing at local festivals, shopping districts, and villages on weekends from late August through to the end of the triennale. Keep an eye out for their energetic performance as a dozen performers play and walk throughout the villages.


Artwork no. E077
Production year 2018
Opening hours August 18th-19th (Sat, Sun)
August 25th-26th (Sat, Sun)
September 1st-2nd (Sat, Sun)
September 16th-17th (Sun, Mon)
Admission Free
Area Kawanishi、Tokamachi、Nakasato、Matsudai、Matsunoyama、Tsunan
Village Various areas (details of where they will appear will be updated on social media platforms)
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