Shadow Series : Walking along Shibumi River 23Site between Heaven and Earth : Shibumi River 23

Photo by ANZAÏ


About the artwork

I created a dome by pasting Japanese paper onto a framework made with bamboo. There is a 1m-diameter hole made in a circular shape in the upper central part of the dome. Visitors can go inside of the dome and look up at the sky through the hole. A tubular basket was made with bamboo and placed in the circular part, with a stone with a height of 2m. My image was of a “source of energy” from the Earth to the sky through the circular part of the dome. In spite of having a distinction between inside and outside such as the shoji used in Japanese houses, we can feel the trees outside swingingi in the wind and can see them as shadows from the inside. That is why I used Japanese paper. Even though Japanese paper distinguishes inside and outside, we can feel signs of inside and outside. I created the Japanese paper dome as equipment suited to the scenery. I hope that visitors will be able to feel the nature, feel themselves fused into nature, and sympathize with nature itself, standing between the Earth and sky when they enter the dome.


Artwork no. K028
Production year 2003
Area Kawanishi
Village Kawaji
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