Photo by Takenori + SENO Hiromi


About the artwork

The protagonist in this film is a shopkeeper who struggles to revitalize the local shopping area. The film was shown daily at Tokamachi Cinema Paradise, a local movie theater in Tokamachi. The story evolves around a liquor store that is no longer in business. The entire film was filmed exclusively on location in Tokamachi. About 300 local residents supported the production asa extras and by providing locations. The concept of the film is to document the Tokamachi shopping district, and create a future for it. Portrait-taking of local residents and the “Sons of Tokamachi” project, which encouraged the people of the district to get involved with the next generation, were held simultaneously with the film showings. These projects enabled people of different trades and ages to come together.


Artwork no. T167
Production year 2009
Area Tokamachi
Village Shopping street
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