Surface wave

4/27-5/6, 7/13-11/10, 2024 (Closed on Tue & Wed except holidays)
Photo Nakamura Osamu

Information and Map

About the artwork

The work was created on a base of Shigaraki red clay with white clay dashingly inlayed on it. Glost firing was done after the transparent glazing on the white clay, and then overglazed decoration, e.g., gold, was done three to four times. The contrast between the unglazed red earth and the multicolored overglaze painting is beautiful. Tiny ripples were brought to the surface of the work by the movement of the clay, after the tatara shape forming stage of the artist’s original. The work is therefore named “Surface wave.” The combination of the waves creates big wavy images.

Information and Map

Artwork no. T123
Production year 2006
Opening hours [4/27-5/6]11:00-15:00 *Only Lunch
Admission Adults: ¥400, Children 6-15 years old: ¥200
(Depending on the period, passports for viewing artworks and common tickets may be sold.)
Closed Closed on Tue & Wed except holidays/ Winter season
Area Tokamachi
Village Gannyu
Open dates 4/27-5/6, 7/13-11/10, 2024 (Closed on Tue & Wed except holidays)
Venue Ubusuna House (3110 Higashishimogumi, Tokamachi-city, NIigata)
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