Photo Kioku Keizo
Photo Kioku Keizo
Photo Kioku Keizo

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About the artwork

The artist expresses respect for the spirit-like existence that dwells in Ubusuna House through the folding of white papers. “Tearoom of Wind” and “Tearoom of Darkness” host white paper works using “infinite folding” in which one paper splits into two and which then split into two again and so on. There will be another folding work like a spiral drop hung in the Tearoom of Wind. The artist also expresses human activity by arranging boxes made of coloured origami papers in the Tearoom of Light.

布施知子 #1「自分が一番見たい!」/越後妻有のサイトスペシフィックな作家たち interviewed by 北川フラム

Gannyu village / canvas 1 | Fuse Tomoko

Information and Map

Artwork no. T399
Production year 2022
Opening hours 11:00-16:00
Area Tokamachi
Village Gannyu
Venue Ubusuna House

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