Veronica 23 Flower & Family of Echigo in Japan

Photo by ANZAÏ


About the artwork

Making flowers our theme, we planned to create a meeting place and to enhance the relationships between art and the everyday lives of people in Echigo-Tsumari. Our works were simple statements without an exaggerated size that would overwhelm their sites. Specifically, we visited houses, asked the names of flowers people liked, then made floral artworks and had those people decorate their houses with them. Visitors to the Triennial received a map showing the houses where the flower-art could be seen. Their visits began by looking at postcards displayed at the front of the houses. Then, to see the actual works, they had to enter the houses and talk with the residents. Through these encounters inside and outside the houses and interactions with people who usually do not have any connection to art, we hoped to bring art into their daily lives and keep it there, just as people might choose to decorate their houses with flowers every day.


Artwork no. D093
Production year 2003
Area Matsudai
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