WD Spiral Part Ⅲ Magic Theatre

Photo by ANZAÏ

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About the artwork

On the way to the top of Joyama Mountain, the sculpture with three gigantic tubes was installed in the bush on the ex-rice paddy field. The sculpture is big enough for people to go inside, there are interior space made like houses. Each of those three tubes is the space with designs of its own: with translucent or mirror surfaced material such as acrylic sheets or Fiberglass, people see themselves while they see through the surrounding nature. Neustadt, who says that people tend to be conscious of what is beyond it when there is a wall in a space, choose an anonymous site in the bush and trees for installation. As it could be read from its title, this work is a part of series. Other works were installed in Europe with different organizations. This work in Echigo-Tsumari was entitled with his hope for the sculpture to be a theater for locals and visitors to make their connection.

Information and Map

Artwork no. D069
Production year 2003
Admission ETAT Passport or Special ticket
Area Matsudai
Village Matsudai
Open dates It will be open after snow seazon
Venue Near Nobutai(3743-1, Matsudai, Tokachi-City, Niigata)
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