Echigo-Tsumari MonET Exhibition Series Vol.3 Takezaki Kazuyuki + Nishimura Yu "The Sequel: Twin Boat Songs - Verdigris Vessel"


Museum on Echigo-Tsumari (MonET) will hold a series of special exhibitions as a new initiative starting this fiscal year. 2023 will feature four exhibitions with four guest curators.

– Outline of the Exhibition Series 2023 –

Vol.1  July 1 (Sat) – August 27 (Sun)
Shop KATAKISHI in Tokamachi Branch & Dormant Data GP 2022-2023 Archive Exhibition
Guest Curator: Sawaragi Noi(Art Critic)

Vol.2  September 9 (Sat) – November 5 (Sun)
Graphcast Shiftpast
Artist: Matsumoto Haruka
Guest Curator: Hosaka Kenjiro (Director, Shiga Museum of Art)

Vol.3  November 18 (Sat) – December 24(Sun)
The Sequel: Twin Boat Songs – Verdigris Vessel

Artist: Takezaki Kazuyuki+Nishimura Yu
Guest Curator: Tsukamoto Mari (Chief Curator, The Museum of Art, Kochi)

Vol.4  January 13 (Sat) – Sunday, March 10(Sun), 2024
Artist: Tanaka Ai
Guest Curator: Hiyama Maaru (Curator / Recruit Art Center)

Prologue to the Exhibition Series

The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale has been working to revitalize local communities through art. In order to make the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale even more community-based, we will explore new possibilities for the region and art, meet the artists who will lead the future, and create new collaborations. The Museum on Echigo-Tsumari (MonET) plans to organize and hold a series of long-term exhibitions starting in 2023.

Kitagawa Fram  (General Director of Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale)

Echigo-Tsumari MonET Exhibition Series Vol.3

Takezaki Kazuyuki + Nishimura Yu "The Sequel: Twin Boat Songs - Verdigris Vessel"

Takezaki Kazuyuki + Nishimura Yu, “twin boat song #39,” 2023 oil on canvas, wooden frame

This exhibition introduces collaborative artworks created by two painters, Takezaki Kazuyuki, residing in Kagawa, and Nishimura Yu, residing in Kanagawa. The collaborative project, “Narabiyuku Kobuneuta(並行小舟唄),” showcased in this exhibition, brings together their artistic talents.

Takezaki and Nishimura, who typically work independently, began collaborating on various projects sporadically in 2017. They would stand on either side of the canvas, taking turns painting, or sending artworks to each other’s locations, adding their strokes. They embrace unexpected moves by the other, sometimes boldly, and sometimes complementing each other’s work, the “Narabiyuku Kobuneuta(並行小舟唄)” project evolves in those interactions. The colors and forms that eventually appear on the canvas are so integrated that they seem to reflect the fusion of the two painters’ memories. This demonstrates the successful dialogue facilitated through their paintbrushes. The project name, which evokes the image of two small boats sailing side by side, reflects the idea that despite having different personalities and career paths, there is no hierarchy between the two artists as they face the canvas together. The artworks resulting from this equal collaboration remind us of the joy of creating together, especially in a society where imbalances and inequalities often lurk. This exhibition, a sequel to the “Narabiyuku Kobuneuta(並行小舟唄) Exhibition” held in Tokyo in 2020, is primarily composed of new works inspired by the landscapes of Tokamachi, including unreleased pieces. The title of the exhibition, “Midori no Utsuwa(翠のうつわ)”, signifies that the rural and mountainous landscapes of Tokamachi transform into vessels that embrace snow in the winter. We invite you to enjoy the expansive collaboration of these painters on display during this occasion.


Guest Curator: Mari Tsukamoto (Chief Curator at the Museum of Art, Kochi)

Exhibition Period: November 18 (Sat) – December 24 (Sun), closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10:00 – 17:00 (last admission 16:30)

Admission Fee: Individual tickets (¥1,200 for adults / ¥600 for elementary and junior high school students)

Takezaki Kazuyuki + Nishimura Yu, “twin boat song #42,” 2023 oil on canvas, wooden frame

Takezaki Kazuyuki + Nishimura Yu, “twin boat song #27,” 2021 tempera on linen

Takezaki Kazuyuki + Nishimura Yu, “twin boat song #33,” 2021 oil on cotton

Takezaki Kazuyuki + Nishimura Yu, “twin boat song #37,” 2023 oil on canvas

Collaboration: MISAKO & ROSEN,  Crèvecœur

Related event: Meet with Artists

Artists Takezaki Kazuyuki and Nishimura Yu will be casually present at the venue. If you have questions about the exhibition or their art-making process, or even just simply wish to have a chat with artists, feel free to drop by MonET during this opportunity!

Date: November 18 (Sat) 13:00-16:00
Venue: Museum on Echigo-Tsumari, MonET

Artist Profile

Takezaki Kazuyuki + Nishimura Yu

Takezaki Kazuyuki was born in Kochi in 1976 and graduated from the Faculty of Education at Kochi University. Yu Nishimura was born in Kanagawa in 1982 and graduated from the Department of Oil Painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Tama Art University. In 2017, their collaborative journey in painting began when Yu Nishimura participated in the “現代地方譚5 −想像の葦−” artist-in-residence project in Kochi. In 2020, they held the “並行小舟唄展” at KAYOKOYUKI in Tokyo.

Takezaki Kazuyuki’s notable solo exhibitions include “ARTIST FOCUS #01竹﨑和征 雨が降って晴れた日” (2020, Kochi Prefectural Museum of Art), while Nihimura Yu’s major solo exhibitions include “Aperto 09 Nihimura Yu paragraph” (2018, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa), among others.

Guest Curator Profile

Tsukamoto Mari (Chief Curator at the Musume of Art, Kochi)

Tsukamoto Mari was born in Osaka in 1989. Since 2016, she has been working as a curator at the Museum of Art, Kochi. Some of the notable exhibitions she has curated include “Hiroki Harada Solo Exhibition – やっぱり世の中で一ばんえらいのが人間のようでごいす” (2023, Museum of Japanese Emigration to Hawaii, Yamaguchi), “Sawako Goda Exhibition – 帰る途もつもりもない” (2022, the Museum of Art, Kochi [Collaborative Exhibition]), “ARTIST FOCUS #02 Kota Hirakawa – 祈りのケイショウ” (2022, The Museum of Art, Kochi), and “Sora Hokimoto Solo Exhibition – その次の季節” (2021, Susaki Street Corner Gallery/ Former Miura Residence, Kochi), among others.

Photo Credit: Tanaka Kazuhito


Date and time 【period】Nov 18 - Dec 24, 2023 / Closed on Tue & Wed except holidays
【time】10:00~17:00(30 minutes before last entry)

Museum on Echigo-Tsumari, MonET
(6-1,71-2 Honcho, Tokamachi-city, Niigata, Japan)

Admission Adult JPY 1,200, Child age under 15 JPY 600 (※ ticket includes admission to see the permanent collections as well as to Experience traditional village events.
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