Satoyama Art Zoo: Social Distancing of Animals

Approximately 30 unique artworks created under the theme of animals will be exhibited on the large areas with lawns. The pursuit of humans’ exceeding demands and comfort has resulted in the destruction of nature and global warming. COVID-19 that has taken over the world may well be a counterattack by nature. Animals always take measures of respective distance to nature, peers, preys, and male and female. Their wild instinct knows the social distancing as taking only what they need as they live and fight. Satoyama has established the well-balanced social distance between humans and the wild as it provided the basis for farming while taking into the demand from animals and plants. These works created under the theme of animals will speak to families and children about the wisdom of satoyama that has been built by humans; the nature of the instinct of animals; and distances between animals.

[Participating artists] Kimura Takeshi, Kitagawara Saya, Susami Aya, Watanabe Motoka, Yamada Chiaki, Sugitani Kazutaka, Hirayama Takumi, Karen James, Higuchi Yasuki, Uchida Nozomu, Kuroda Yoshie, Murakami Naoki, Nakayama Momoe, Maruyama Taro, SWD ART LAB, Shibata Saho and more.



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