Akiyama Living and Art Rebuilding Museum - Taguchi Hiromi Akiyamago Matagi Hunting Video Screening

Photo Kioku Keizo

Information and Map

About the artwork

Toward 2024, we will be preparing the former Oakasawa Elementary School in Akiyamago as a new center for the intersection of mountain life and art. As a progress report, the ETAT 2022’s exhibition focused on a video of a matagi hunter filmed in the early 1990s by Taguchi Hiromi,  a 30-year resident of Akiyamago who has been studying the hunting culture from his own unique perspective. The exhibition will provide an opportunity to reconsider the culture of Akiyamago with valuable footage of many hunting techniques and rituals that have been lost today.

Information and Map

Artwork no. M082
Production year 2022
Opening hours 10:00~17:00 (~16:00 on Oct and Nov)
Admission Adult: ¥500, U15: ¥250
(Depending on the period, passports for viewing artworks and common tickets may be sold.)
Closed Weekday (Closed in Spring,winter)
Area Tsunan
Village Oakasawa
Venue 154 Ooakazawa-cho, Tsunan-cho, Naka-uonuma-gun, Niigata, former Tsunan Elementary School Ooakazawa Branch School
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