Fukasawa Takafumi


Born in 1984 in Yamanashi. The artist identifies characteristics of place, history and people and delivers projects that explore ways for others to co-exist. He produced “Takeshi Culture Centre” at NPO Creative Support Let’s in 2008 with Ichitaro Suzuki. The recent projects include Continuation of Myth (2017 Oku-Noto Triennale), a shrine for enshrining drifted wastes washed up on shares as a contemporary version of hyochakushin (god) in a town where many hyocakushin legends remains, Hitachi-Satake City (Kenpoku Art 2017), an attempt to bring sovereignty and culture to local people by connecting unattended local history to present time, and Tokuino Bank (Toride Art Project and more since 2011) where people’s “strengths” are currency of the bank rather than money.


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