About the artwork

Riki Go San, the artist, has been engaging with people in the Takakura village through their artworks since . For ETAT2009, they chose “communication” as a theme of their artworks. The village is located in the deep mountainous area and thus still has to deal with troubles in communication in this modern era. However, it was this struggle that made artist realised how significant it was to be able to connect with locals. Based upon this experience, the artist created a communication device to help connect visitors to the village. They set up a post office at the village centre allowing visitors to send post card, stamp, and ema (votive horse tablet) featuring local people, animals and landscape. Visitors were able to send those by snail mail or posted in a “future post” which arranged the delivery in one year time. The artist also laid out installation across the village including red balloons, flags in different colours representing local households, a chair to listen to sound of the village, and tarpaulin colouring houses in the village.

Material:Balloon,Helium gas, balloons, cloth, rope
Tarpaulin: Cloth, rope, eyelet
Takakura Post Office: Future post box (wood/acrylic), stamp (based upon acrylic drawings), triangular-shaped votive horse tablet (integrated wood/acrylic/strings), postcard, envelop.
Parabolic sound reflector (chair): Bamboo, cloth, stainless, steel, etc


Artwork no. K091
Production year 2015
Area Kawanishi
Village Senda Takakura
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