Echigo-Tsumari Kapukapu Ensemble 2024

9 November, 2024

Information and Map

About the artwork

Colourful Sounds Played by Farm Tools

Once integral to everyday life, farm and folk tools now quietly reside in the corners of sheds. Breathed new life into these tools, this main performance leads them to the festive stage. Led by jazz musician Jun Oka, who also orchestrates projects involving music played with waterwheels and farm tools. Forming an orchestra comprising local residents, they merge the diverse sounds of instruments crafted from farm tools they co-produced. Accompanied by professional musician.

Information and Map

Artwork no. E097
Production year 2024
Opening hours [Start]13:30
Admission [Adult] ¥1,500 (¥1,300 by showing ETAT Passport) *Advance ticket ¥1,000
[Children 6-15 years old] ¥ 500

*Details on ticket sales will be announced as soon as it is ready.
Area Tsunan
Village Sakasamaki
Open dates 9 November, 2024
Venue Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre
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