“Hansel and Gretel―I won’t go to a forest anymore.”test sample04

Photo by Akihiko Okada


About the artwork

Based upon Grimms’ fairy tale, “Hansel and Gretel”, this theatre play takes a unique form as if it is a combination of musical and road movie. Abandoned brother and sister wander in a deep forest and encounter various things as they explore. What will they see at the end of their journey like pilgrimage to the hell? In addition to the main play, “fragments” of side stories scattering around the theatre will engage audience with the story.

Concept and production = Shu Matsui|Actors= Aoi Nozu, Ken Kuboi, Mutsuko Baba, Kumi Hyodo, Rui Kobayashi, Masahiro Jotaki, Sakiko Kitamura and other
Sunday 26, Wednesday 29, from Friday31 July to Saturday 1 August 2015 Performance begins at 18:00|Price = Adult JPY2,500|Maximum capacity =200


Artwork no. E052
Production year 2015
Area Tsunan
Village Kamigo
Venue Echigo-Tsumari "Kamigo Globe Theatre"(7-3 Miyanohara, Kamigo, Tsunan-township, Niigata Prefecture)
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