sewing the earth

30 Jul - 4 Sep (except Tue&Wed)

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About the artwork

By stretching wires horizontally over the depression as if they are continuing to the flat area of the terrace , the artist recreates the terrace surface that would have once been there. Looking from the sky, they look like stitching along the crack on the terrace. A virtual cross-section of the land that should once have been there appeared as one looks upwards from the bottom of the depression. Viewers can instinctively imagine how water has scraped the earth and carried them away over a long time. Some lightly-weighted objects will be hung from the wires over the depression which shine by the sun, change directions as the wind blows, and reflect colours of the sky, clouds, trees, earth, and rice field. They function as a catalyst to amplify and visualise the way the depression is in the present day. (The artist’s comment)

Information and Map

Artwork no. K109
Production year 2022
Opening hours Daytime
Admission Please purchase the ETAT passport to view the artworks.
Area Kawanishi
Village Aramachishinden
Open dates 30 Jul - 4 Sep (except Tue&Wed)
Venue Aramachishinden, Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture
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