Time of Farm Tools

7/13-11/10, 2024 (Closed on Tue & Wed except holidays)
Photo Kioku Keizo

Information and Map

About the artwork

The old farm tools used by the local farmers for many years and left unattended in the shed show strong relations with their owners. The artist planted seeds of plants in these farm tools and sealed them with lead. The entire exhibition space was painted yellow and the hanging tools resemble the actual postures of local people when using them. Viewers can touch the tools on display as if they are in stop-motion. The artwork represents the concept of humans following the farm tools which used to follow humans.

 #1  “Understanding the world”  / Site-Specific Artists in Echigo-Tsumari / Interviewed by Fram Kitagawa

Video Shooting : Yamaoka Nobutaka (Film Director)

Information and Map

Artwork no. T428
Production year 2022
Opening hours 10:00~17:00 (~16:00 on Oct and Nov)
Admission The Tanaka Fumio Library, Echigo-Tsumari
Entrance Fee Adults: ¥600, Children 6-15 years old: ¥300
(Depending on the period, passports for viewing artworks and common tickets may be sold.)
Closed Closed on Tue & Wed except holidays/ Winter season
Area Tokamachi
Village Kamishinden
Open dates 7/13-11/10, 2024 (Closed on Tue & Wed except holidays)
Venue 1-324, Gejo, Tokamachi-city
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