Nicolas Darrot's open studio at MonET from 26 July 2021


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Nicolas Darrot from France starts his open studio to create his work at MonET from 26 July 2021. While it had been difficult for him to come to Japan under the COVID-19 pandemic, we have managed to organise his trip (with meeting the quarantine requirement on his arrival to Japan0 as the artwork requires him to be on site to create and complete. We are pleased to share the process of creation with you – and the completed work is due to open on 6 August 2021. (please note that the date may change as the creation process progresses.)

This work takes inspirations from Ariel, the airy spirit which appears in William Shakespeare’s The Tempet. Two mechanical puppets made of parachute cloth move as the drums on the pedestal beat a rhythm. Unexpected scene will appear in front of your eyes as an air actuator sends air to make random wind blow.

“Ariel” by Nicolas Darrot (2021, reference image)

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