A new artwork opens to the public at the MonET theatre


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Fly!no matter what - Fly with Echigo-Tsumari

We are pleased to start screening “Fly!no matter what – Fly with Echigo-Tsumari,” new artwork by LuxuryLogico, at the theatre in Monet. LuxuryLogico, a team consisting of four contemporary artists in Taiwan, ran workshops with students of primary and junior high schools of Tokamachi-city and Tsunan-town to draw on the illustrations of flying birds. As many as 4000 drawings were scanned and turned into an animation of a journey through an imaginary world.


LuxuryLogico (豪華朗機工)

Screening timetable

10:00 How to make ETAT “Documentary”★
11:00  ETAT “video works”」
12:00 『Artists’ Breath』 ①
13:00 How to make ETAT “video works”★
14:00 『Artist’s Breath』②
15:00 How to make ETAT “Documentary”★
16:00 How to make ETAT “video works”★

The new artwork will be shown as a part of ★ above.

※ Please note that the above timetable is subject to change without prior notice. 

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