Illuminating “The Monument of Tolerance” anew


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The Monument of Tolerance” was created with the hope of a peaceful world where people around the world join hands beyond the boundaries of nation, ethnicity, class, region, and age. Light of various colours is projected to the top of the tower at night. According to the Kabakovs: “Blue may appear slightly sad but it is also the colour of the sky. Green is the colour of life, of grass and trees. Pink is the colour of the beginnings, colour of the morning glow. Yellow is the sunlight. “

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, the artists who created the monument, were both born in Dnipro in present-day Ukraine, spent time in Russia under the former Soviet Union regime before moving to the USA where they currently reside. They are heartbroken by the invasion by the Russian military of Ukraine and wish to add yellow to the blue light representing sorrow as we restart lighting the tower in Spring. I have decided to respond to their request and light up the tower again. I would be happy if this action resonates with you.

I would like to continue thinking about when and if we could change the colour blue.

Kitagawa Fram, General Director

・Date: Starting illumination from 9 March 2022
・Hours:17:30 – 20:00
※ Please take care of your steps when viewing the tower at night as the roads can be slippery in winter.

For inquiry

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