Extension of opening date of artworks in Autumn, decided!


The fall season begins on September 5. Some works that were scheduled to open only on weekends and holidays will now open on weekdays, and some works that were scheduled to close on 9/4 will be open until 11/13. Please take advantage of this opportunity if you have missed any of these films.

Artworks with a change in the opening period

▼Opened only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9/5~11/13 ⇒Opened also on weekdays (except Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

T423 Fukasawa Takafumi, “Snow Tower”
T408 Nakazaki TohruI, “Note to myself: For days when I will take a seat on a new tatami chair”
T214 Antony Gormley, “Another Singularity”
T425 Kuri Mayumi, “builds crowd”
T325 Jimmy Liao, “Kiss & Goodbye” (Doichi Station)
T326 Jimmy Liao, “Kiss& Goodbye” (Echigo-Mizusawa Station)
Y072 Shiota Chiharu, “House Memory”

▼ Open until 9/4 ⇒ Open except Tues & Wed until 11/13

K111 Yoshihiko Tanji + Manabu Hashimoto “Kowaki Project
M073 Manami Hayasaki “Invisible Grove

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