Special "Father's Day Fair" at Echigo-Tsumari Online Shop (until 6/18)


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Sunday, June 18, 2023 is Father’s Day. Echigo-Tsumari Online Shop is currently holding a Father’s Day Fair!

We recommend the fair’s limited price  <Esther Stocker, “Perspectives of Longing” > socks.
The regular price is ¥1,600 → the fair limited price is ¥1,400.

Tsumari Beer “Gousetsu Pale Ale” (limited art festival label) is recommended for fathers who love to drink. This pale ale has a malty flavor and a good hop aroma with a low hop bitterness. It is easy to drink and familiar to those who are not familiar with craft beer.

Matsunoi Ginjo / Daiginjo (sake)
”Matsunoi” (Sake) is made from well water that springs from a forest of red pine trees where the snow has melted.  Tokamachi’s locally brewed sake is characterized by its fruity aroma and flavorful taste.

Tenjinbayashi   (Sake) Special Honjozo / Special Junmai-shu
This sake is named after “Tenjinbayashi,” a “festive song” of the Tokamachi city, and is indispensable for festive occasions. It is a local sake that is indispensable for festive occasions.

How about a gift for your father?
Wrapping (free of charge) and a “Thank you for everything, Dad” message card are also available upon request.

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