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Photo by Shigemitsu Ebie

“Green Room Project” by Sakao Koichi is one of the participating artworks of ETAT2021. The artwork continues to evolve by inviting people to participate and contribute. Launched in 2006, the artwork was created by the artist who desired to make a room surrounded by “greens” so that local people could navigate through a long, harsh winter. Like leaves in nature which constantly change and produce new leaves, “Green Room Project” has also evolved by adding new leaves to date. As if it responds to nature which continues to be in action despite the current pandemic, the project aspires to continue and grow resilience to the pandemic. We look forward to your participation.

Supported by Holbein

How to participate

We will send a leaf-making kit including colour pencils, a leaf, and paper. Please return leaves that you will have made in the given duration (one month). These returned leaves will be part of the artwork. We will send you one kit per person per registration. Please also consider joining in creating “leaves of snow” to represent the winter landscape of Echigo-Tsumari.

Registration period

We welcome your participation throughout the year and look forward to hearing from you.

Photo by Shigemitsu Ebie


Sakao Koichi

Born in 1968 in Kanazawa-city, Ishikawa. Currently lives in Ota-ku in Tokyo. Professor at Tokyo University of Technology.

Using a drawing technique called frottage, the artist has been creating artworks that represent the memories of a place and people in different regions through the engagement of local people.

Since 2006, he has participated in every iteration of ETAT through his work called Green Room Project. At Water and Land Niigata Art Festival in 2009, he presented another frottage work called “Memory of Water Project” which captured the evapolating memory of water in Niigata. In 2012, he organised “Memory of a Town Project Minamisenju 10000 pieces of memories exhibition” in Tokyo in collaboration with residents to transfer ever-changing memories of the town of Minamisenju for over two years. Since 2013, he has been running a project called “Ota no kakera (Fragments of Ota)” to document and pass on the making culture of Ota-ku in Tokyo as a personal activity.

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