Suzuki Fumie and Iguchi Keiko form an avant-garde dance duo active both domestically and internationally. They perform in various locations such as theaters, clubs, streets, and galleries. Their activities in Europe (France, the UK, Germany, Czechia) started with the Paris-Tokyo Festival at the Cultural Centre of the Embassy of Japan in France. They address issues and questions related to contemporary society, focusing on creating poetic works with the theme of “living as a human being.” Their activities are based on both improvisational and sensory experimental theatre. In 2007, they were featured as the top of the best 34 stage in “DANSER” (France) and “ballet tanz” (Germany), and their news was distributed by the Kyodo News Paris Bureau. Since 2013, they have been organizing events under the initiative of Art Space “co-oh”, serving as a space for various art forms to interact. They also coordinate sessions with various artists and have appeared in photography and video works. Recently, they were featured as the subject of monochrome photographs by the master photographer Michael Kenna, displayed in his major retrospective exhibition at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum.
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