SUZUKI Akira + FUJIYAMA Tetsuro + Kobe Design University


Akira Suzuki

[Selected Works, Exhibitions, Projects, Workshops]

2005 Selfbuild Domes (with Masayoshi Yamada), Art Space Kimura ASK?, Tokyo, Japan
2004 Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art, Kunst Werk, Berlin, Germany
1995- Architectural Workshops with Children, Museums and Schools, Tokyo, Japan / Berlin, Germany / Rotterdam, the Netherlands
[Selected Award, Grant]

2006 Prize of l’Académie des Beaux-Arts de France
[Selected Writing, Catalogue]

2001 “Do Android Crows Fly Over the Skies of an Electronic Tokyo?,” Architectural Association, London
Tetsuro Fujiyama

[Selected Works, Exhibitions, Projects, Workshops]

1997 Okamoto House, Hyogo, Japan
1994 Machines that Make Humans Think, Gallery Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
1991 Venice Biennial (International Architecture Exhibition), Italy
1989 Paris-Architecture et Etopie, Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris, France


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