Akiyama Miharu


Born in 1973. Flower arranger. Akiyama started to learn Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) as her interest in the aesthetic sense, which was unique to Japan, got stronger when she was acquiring the oil painting at Musashino Art University Junior College of Art and Design. She has exhibited extensively at flower arrangement shows of different schools after graduating from college. After receiving “Sogetsu Freshwomen’s Award” in 2002, an award grants to young and upcoming flower arrangers, she has been enthusiastically pursuing her projects. Using lotus leaves in her works, she has presented installations under the theme of the ephemerality of plants and reincarnation. She received a grand prize of the 3rd New Ikebana Principle in 2021 for “Afterimage of Memory”, a work representing the view of life that is in the hand of grand nature.


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