Kaji Seiya


Born in 1996 in Murakami-city, Niigata. Graduated from the Art and Craft Department of Nagaoka Institute of Design. The artist has donated artworks to many regions including Nagaoka city and engaged with community activities. After graduating from the University, he worked at Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd, founded by Murakami Takashi, and moved to live in Tochio-town in Nagaoka-city as a community-reactivating cooperator squad. He runs a gallery-in-residence in Yanai-Dori shopping street.
List of projects and productions
Production of a monument for Hokuriku Gas Co., Ltd. Production and contribution of work for a special program “What is this! To the world of Kaengata-doki” Production and presentation of work at Young Art Nagaoka Production and presentation of work at Blanking Art Tsubamesanjo Organised a solo exhibition, “Animal Exhibition” Organised a group exhibition, “Kawaii Keshigomu <Keshigomu-ten>” Production and presentation of work at Gungun, a childcare support facility Production and presentation at an event called “Asomall” Participation in Winter Illumination at Echigo Kyoryu Park Organised at a solo exhibition, “SEIYA KAJI WORLD EXHIBITION” Opened a gallery “Hakuchudo” Production of a real-size humpback-whale for Tochio-city Production and presentation of work at Joetsu Aquarium Umigatari


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