Sakao Koichi


The artist primarily uses the technique of “frottage” to capture parts of locations and objects in artworks. Focuses on the interactions between land and people in regional communities, the artist transform distinctive local memories into art through collaborations. Ongoing projects include “Green Room Project” in Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale (2006-), “Niigata Water Memory Project” , and “Town Memory PROJECT – 10,000 memories of Minami Senju” where shifting memories of the town in Minami-Senju area are shaped through collaborative artwork with residents. Currently working on “Ohta’s Fragments (Ohta no Kakera)” project that records and preserves the memories of activities of local factories in Ohta Ward, Tokyo as well as “Madei Hana Project”, named after a local dialect, “madei”, exploring the unchanged interactions of people and nature in Iitate Village, affected by the nuclear accident. The artist is a professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology’s Faculty of Design.


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