Makigami Koichi


Makigami Koichi

Musician, poet, producer

In addition to writing lyrics and music as the leader of Hikashu, Makigami actively engages in both solo and collaborative works using voice acoustics, theremins and mouth harps and has released many music albums. Makigami is also known as one of the Japan’s leading performers of throat-song of Tuva Republic called Khoomei. He also produces various performances and music festivals including a series of sound poetry theatrical play called “Chakrupa”, Jazz Art Sengawa, and Atami Future Music Festival.  


He performed with Yamashita Yosuke, Umezu Kazutoki and other musicians at the first ETAT and produced North-East Asia Music Festival during the 2nditeration of ETAT.  He received the 1stMakoto Ooka Award in 2019 for the collections of poems, “Suprematism (The Supreme Delutions)”.


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