Born in 1983 in Aichi. By staying in various places and learning from nature, climate, and the activities of people, the artist aims to reveal the existence and connections of the world by integrating flexible thinking and alternative perspectives through the materials unique to each land and handcraft. Major activities include “whitescaper” (Yokohama Paratriennale, 2014, 2017, 2021), where the simple act of “weaving” with many participants created an entire exhibition space; “Dialogue with materials”(Shiga Museum of Art, 2021) which presented the interconnectedness of daily life and creation; “The Life of the Mountain” (GO FOR KOGEI, 2022) depicted the relation between people and mountains through the connection of water within the extensive realm of and “Project for Exploring HONOKUNI” (Aichi Triennale, 2022) which is a research project on eastern Mikawa region where the artist was born and raised.


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