“Deceptive Elementa Harmonica” - Composition for Room and Piano

Photo Kioku Keizo

Information and Map

About the artwork

Conventionally duration is set for a music performance and the audience would share such time and space of the performance. For art exhibition, on the other hand, there is no performance time as such. People are free to view artworks at a time they chose while sharing the work and space with others. However, they do not share time. In other words, the way time and space exist differently for music performance and for art exhibition.

The artist who has been exploring the way music exists attempts to make music work in the art exhibition space by performing a piece of music by an automated machine.

As a new chapter of this attempt, the artist exhibits the automated machine as well as “a composer”. In a room where the structure of music is in the background, the person will keep composing a piece of music for the performance which has been postponed.

Information and Map

Artwork no. M069
Production year 2021
Opening hours 10:00~17:00
Area Tsunan
Village Sakasamaki
Official website http://clove-theatre.jp/en/
Venue Echigo-Tsumari Kamigo Clove Theatre (7-3 Miyanohara, Kamigo, Tsunan town, Nakauonumagun, Niigata Prefecture 949-8125)

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