"Echigo-Tsumari this year": accommodation options


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Where to stay would be one of the key elements in order to fully enjoy “Echigo-Tsumari this year”.  There follows a list of artworks which also welcome you to stay overnight. Don’t miss out this unique opportunity if you are planning to visit us this summer.

Katakuri House (Tsunan area)

Katakuri House is a renovation of a closed school located in Akiyamago. Guest can enjoy exquisite culinary experience using seasonal local ingridients and ketto onsen (hot spring). Don’t forget to check out a new artwork which will be exhibited in Katakuri House.

Price per night starts from JPY6600 without meals.

Space hire
【Price】JPY250,000 (excluding tax)
【Hours】from 15:00pm to 10:00am on the following morning
※ Space hire includes using the gym and school ground

※ Accommodation booking is open now.

Ubusuna House (Tokamachi area)

Ubusuna House is an over 100-year-old minka house which has been transformed into an accommodation, gallery and restaurant with inteventions by leading Japanese potters. Guests can enjoy hearty food preprared by local people.

【Price】JPY25,000 per person including dinner and breakfast
【Maximum capacity】Up to 5 people (booking is exclusive to one group per stay)
※ Ubusuna House as an acommodation, caters only for adults (not for child age 12 or under)
※ Accommodation booking is open now.

Shedding House (Matsudai area)

The space which took two and half years and equivalent of 3000 man hours to complete embraces viewers and guests with overwhelming sense of power.

【Price】Venue hire JPY22,000 plus JPY3300 per adult for number of adults staying and JPY1650 per child for number of children staying and JPY1100 for toddler plus number of toddlers staying

【Meal】JPY5500 per adult plus JPY4400 per child

※ Booking will be open from the end of July 2021

Sansho House (Matsunoyama area)

Sansho House is a renovation of an old closed school in Matsunoyama. Guests have an exclusive access to an artwork by Leandro Elrich.
※ Sansho House is available only for a group of ten people or more. 

With two meals: Adult JPY6750, Child age 7 and older JPY5200, Child before school age JPY5200 (in case sleeping in their own beds)

Without meals: Adult JPY4000, Child age 7 and older JPY3000, Child before school age JPY3000 or free if a separate bed is not required
Dinner: Adult JPY1870, Child age under 15 JPY1320
Breakfast: Adult JPY880, Child age under 15 JPY880

・All prices include tax. Same price applies to a group or an individual.
・Child before school age can sleep in with one paying parent for free of charge.  

※ Booking can be arranged via email.

House of Light (Kawanishi area)

“House of Light” is the only artwork by James Turrell in the world where you can stay overnight. Guests can experience light programms at dusk and dawn.

【Price】 JPY30,000
※ If sharing with other group the above price is divided by the number of groups staying at the same time.
i.e. In case two groups are sharing, price per group is JPY15,000

Price per person
Sat, Sun and public holidays: Adult (age 13 or older) JPY6000 / Child age under 12 JPY3000
Mon to Fri (weekdays): Adult (age 13 or older) JPY5000 / Child age under 12 JPY2500
Free for child before school age

※ Booking is open now.

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