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The reservation for the unique accommodations is open from 1 April as we are getting ready for the opening of ETAT2022. You can stay at renovated old schools such as Sansho House and Katakuri House or artworks including Dream House, Shedding House, Ubusuna House, and Australia House. These artworks are open to the public as artworks so please check the terms and conditions and make your reservation now to avoid disappointment.


Sansho House

Photo by Noguchi Hiroshi

The about 60-year-old wooden school building has been renovated as an accommodation. The former classrooms welcome guests to sleep in. Sansho House is famous for beautiful hearty meals cooked by local villagers. Guests are recommended to take a Matsunoyama onsen (10 minutes drive) known as the three best medicinal baths. There is an outdoor deck space in summer or around the fire stove in winter to relax. Perfect accommodation for a group stay.

【Open for staying in 2022】
Between Sat 23 April and Sun 13 November, EXCLUDING Tuesdays and Wednesdays
・Rooms: Separate dormitory-style rooms for males and females with or without meals
・Maximum capacity: 64
・Price per night: Stay without meal JPY4000 per person
※ Reservation is only for a group stay. Individual guests can stay except for the duration above.

【Viewing artwork】
・From Fri 29 April to Sunday 13 November, Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Katakuri House (staying / viewing artworks)

Photo by Noguchi Hiroshi

Katakuri House located at the entrance to Akiyamago, an unexplored region is a renovation of the former primary school which looked after local children from 1884 to 1992. Guests can enjoy delicious meals using distinctive local ingredients. The former classrooms are turned into tatami guest rooms whereas school headmaster’s room serves as an onsen. Guests are invited to play on “Tsumari Sugoroku”, an artwork by Rintaro and Yu Hara in the gymnasium space or go out for walking to Mikurabashi and Ishigakida (stone terraced rice field) in beautiful nature.

【Open for staying in 2022】
From Sat 23 April to Sun 27 November EXCLUDING Tuesdays and Wednesdays

・Rooms: 7 Washitsu (Japanese-style room), with or without meals
・Maximum capacity: 26 (in total for 7 rooms)
・Price per night: From JPY8100 per person for stay without a meal –
・Reservation: From the official website of Katakuri House

【Viewing artwork】
・Closed from Fri 30 September to Mon 2 October 2022. Open to the public when Katakuri House is open

Ubusuna House

Photo by Sakamoto Isamu

The Thatched roof old Minka house was transformed into a gallery of Japanese potteries and a restaurant space. This very popular artwork/restaurant is also open for a sleepover. Guests can enjoy meals cooked by local people around the irori created by the master of potteries in Japan, take a bath in the Shigaraki bath, groom in the Mashikoyaki basin, and wake up in the old Minka house. Enjoy the luxury of private time away from the noise of a busy city. We recommend guests take a morning stroll in the charming village.

【Open for staying in 2022】
From Fri 29 April to Sunday 13 November

・Room: Entire minka house with two meals
・Maximum capacity: 3
・Price per night: JPY25,000 per person
・Reservation: Make a booking by filling out a special form

【Viewing artwork / Restaurant for lunch 2022】
・Everyday between Fri 29 April and Sun 8 May;
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays only from Mon 9 May to Fri 29 July;
Everyday EXCEPT Tuesdays and Wednesdays between Sat 30 July – Sun 4 September;
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidady only from Mon 9 Sep – Sun 13 Nov
・11:00〜16:00 (Lunch from 11:00~15:00, Last order by  14:00)
※ Booking is required from the official website of ETAT except for the duration between Sat 30 July and Sun 4 September
※ Admission or ETAT 2022 Passport is required.

"Dream House" by Marina Abramovic: visit / stay

Photo by ANZAI

【Open for staying in 2022】
Previous nights of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from Thursday 2 June to Friday 29 July;
From Sat 30 July – Sun 4 September EXCLUDING Tuesdays and Wednesdays;
Previous nights of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from Mon 5 September to Suday 13 November

・Room: Entire house without meal (guests can cook for themselves)
・Maximum capacity: 4
・Price per night: JPY33,000 per house. (※ Price is the same for staying by one person)
・Reservation: By the official website of Dream House

【Viewing artwork】
・Sat 30 July – Sun 4 September 2022 EXCLUDING Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Shedding House (visit / stay)

Photo Kawase Kazue

The 150-year-old farm minka house has been transformed into an artwork by Junichi Kurakake and a team from the sculpture course at Nichigei. By carving every surface of the empty old minka house, from floor, wall to the ceiling, the artist opened the enclosed space and “shed” the abandoned house into an artwork. It offers a unique experience of art in the farm village.

【Staying overnight】
From Fri 29 April to Sun 13 November EXCLUDING Tuesdays and Wednesdays

・Room: Entire house without meal (guests can cook for themselves)
・Maximum capacity: 8
・Price per night: JPY22,000 for the house plus JPY3,300 per person per night
・Reservation: By the official website of Shedding House

【Viewing artwork 2022】
・From Sat 30 July – Sun 4 September EXCLUDING Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Australia House (visit / stay)

Photo by Nakamura Osamu

Australia House was built as a symbol of recovery from the 311 disaster and the evidence of exchange between Echigo-Tsumari and Australia in 2012. It is open to the public to stay overnight when not occupied as an artist-in-residence. Guests can enjoy staying in the unique architectural space and immerse themselves in the space with art as well as surroundings in nature. Guests may like to visit Yuta onsen which is just five minutes drive away.

【Staying overnight】
Between Thur 2 June – Sun 10 July as well as Sat 17 September and Sun 13 November EXCLUDING Tuesdays and Wednesdays

・Room: Entire building without meals
・Maximum capacity: 6
・Price per night: JPY12000 for the entire building plus JPY3000 per person
・Reservation: By the ETAT official website

【Viewing artwork】
・From Sat 30 July to Sun 4 September EXCLUDING Tuesdays and Wednesdays
(There are a few artworks inside and outside of the facility. Opening dates and hours for each artwork can be found at the ETAT official website)

For inquiry

Echigo Tsumari Art Field Information Center
Address Museum on Echigo-Tsumari, MonET 6-1, 71-2, Honcho, Tokamachi-city, Niigata Prefecture, 948-0003
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