Artworks that can be stayed only in summer! Guide to 9 lodging facilities


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1, Shedding House (Stay / Visit)

Photo Kawase Kazue

A 150-year-old farmhouse was renovated and the building itself became a work of art. Kurakake Junichi+ Nihon University College of Art Sculpture Course have carved the entire house, which had become a shell due to the passage of time and the changing times, to expand the space contained within, and have shed and revitalized an empty house as a work of art. Visitors can enjoy a rare experience of art and a farming village, something that can only be experienced here.


The day before Fri., Sat., Sun. and national holidays from Apr 29(Sat.) to Nov 4 (Sat.), 2023

-Type: 1 building for private use, overnight stay with no meals (self-catering available)
-Capacity : 8 persons
-Fee: ¥22,000 for facility use + ¥3,300 per night for adults
-Reservation method: Reservation through the Shedding House website.

Sat., Sun., and holidays from July 29 (Sat.) to Aug 27 (Sun.), 2023 /  11:00-16:00

2, Australia House (Only guests can visit the artwork)

Photo Nakamura Osamu

Australia House was built in 2012 as a symbol of recovery from the earthquake and as a testament to the exchange between Echigo-Tsumari and Australia. During the period when the artist-in-residence is not in residence, the general public is welcome to stay at the house. Guests can enjoy the experience of staying in the unique architectural space created by the artist, have the artworks and furniture installed inside and outside all to themselves, and enjoy the perfect location surrounded by rich natural surroundings. Please also take advantage of the hot springs known as the “hot spring of beauty,” which is only a 5-minute drive from the hotel.

Fri, Sat, Sun, and the day before national holidays from  Jun 1 (Thu.) to Nov 4 (Sat.), 2023

-Type: Private one-building, overnight stay with no meals
-Capacity: 6 persons
-Fee: ¥12,000 for facility use + ¥3,000 per person
-Reservation method: Reservation through the official website of the Art Triennale

3, Dream House (Only guests can visit the artwork)


The Dream House was created by artist Marina Abramovic in 2000 by renovating a vacant house that was over 100 years old. After cleansing your body in a herbal bath, you wear a suit for dreaming in the same color as the room, and spend the night in the “bed for dreaming” with an obsidian pillow, feeling the natural energy emitted by the minerals. The next morning, you can write down your dream in a “dream book” and participate in the “Dream House” project. (*We also recommend using the nearby Matsunoyama Onsen for input.)

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and the day before national holidays from  Jul 29 (Sat.) to Aug 27 (Sun.), 2023

-Type: Private use of a single building, overnight stay with no meals (self-catering available)
-Capacity: 4 persons
-Fee: ¥33,000 per night (*Same price for single occupancy)
-Reservation method: Reservation through the Dream House website

4, Ubusuna House (Stay / Lunch / Visit)

Photo Nakamura Osamu

Photo Nakamura Osamu

A thatched thatched minka house revitalized with “pottery”. You can stay overnight at Ubusuna House, which is popular both as a restaurant and as a work of art, and eat meals prepared by local mothers using local ingredients in the irori, which was created by leading Japanese ceramic artists, take a Shigaraki-ware bath, prepare yourself with a Mashiko-ware washstand, and greet the morning in the warmth of the old private house. You can stay in such an extraordinary place on a private charter basis. Enjoy the luxury of private time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. An early morning stroll through the village is also recommended.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays from  Apr 29 (Sat.) to Nov 5 (Sun.), 2023

-Type: 1 building for private use, 1 night with 2 meals
-Capacity: 4 persons
-Fee: ¥25,000 per night for adults
-Reservation method: Use the dedicated form.

Open for artwork tours and lunch on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 4/29/2023 (Sat.) to 5/11/2023 (Sun.) 11:00 – 15:00 (Lunch 11:00 – 15:00, L.O. 14:00)
*Admission fee is required for dining.

5, Katakuri House (Stay / Visit)

Photo by Noguchi Hiroshi

Photo by Noguchi Hiroshi

Katakuri House located at the entrance to Akiyamago, an unexplored region is a renovation of the former primary school which looked after local children from 1884 to 1992. Guests can enjoy delicious meals using distinctive local ingredients. The former classrooms are turned into tatami guest rooms whereas school headmaster’s room serves as an onsen. Guests are invited to play on “Tsumari Sugoroku”, an artwork by Rintaro and Yu Hara in the gymnasium space or go out for walking to Mikurabashi and Ishigakida (stone terraced rice field) in beautiful nature.

【Open for staying in 2023】
22 April -3 December, 2023 except Tue and Wed
*Open every day from 1-7 May and 3-15 Aug
・Rooms: 7 Washitsu (Japanese-style room), with or without meals
・Maximum capacity: 26 (in total for 7 rooms)
・Price per night: From JPY8400 per person for stay without a meal –
・Reservation: From the official website of Katakuri House

【Viewing artwork】
・Sat, Sun and holidays from 29 April – 28 July, except Tue and Wed, from 29 July – 27 Auguest, Sat, Sun and holidays from 28 Auguest to 5 November
・10:00~17:00 *Closed at 16:00 in October and November.

Sansho House

Sansho House (For groups of 10 people or more / only guests can visit the artwork)

Photo by Noguchi Hiroshi

Photo Noguchi Hiroshi

The about 60-year-old wooden school building has been renovated as an accommodation. The former classrooms welcome guests to sleep in. Sansho House is famous for beautiful hearty meals cooked by local villagers. Guests are recommended to take a Matsunoyama onsen (10 minutes drive) known as the three best medicinal baths. There is an outdoor deck space in summer or around the fire stove in winter to relax. Perfect accommodation for a group stay.

*We are currently accepting reservations for groups (10 or more people). We will inform you of the schedule for general lodging (individual lodging) as soon as it is determined.

7-9, Fushiguro Castle Ruins Campground Cottages A, B, C (only guests can visit the artwork)


Three cottages full of character are located in Nakago Green Park’s Fushiguro Castle Ruins Campground. Each was designed by a different architect, and the buildings themselves are works of art. Fushiguro Castle Ruins Campground Cottage C also won the Good Design Award!

Please contact Sun Palace Nakago for details.

-Type: 1 building for private use
-Capacity: 4 persons
-Fee: ¥10,000 for facility charter + ¥1,500 per adults
*Half-price for elementary school students, free for children under elementary school age
-Reservations: Sun Palace Nakago (025-768-4419)

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