1997 Architects office CLIP foundedCurrently 4 members of staff: Eishin Matsunaga (born ’64), Kunitosihiko Tanahashi (born ’65), Soichi Shitara (born ’64), Tomomi Kaneko (born ’65)1997 ‘The 2nd Living Design Competition Grand Prix’ ‘SUPER HOOK’ Living Design Gallery, Tokyo ‘5th Japan Art Scholarship Grand Prix & Exhibition’ Sparal Garden, Tokyo1998 ‘CLIP’ Living Design Gallery ‘The 4th Japanese Architects Design Chair Exhibition’ ‘GUNMA-HOUSE Competition’ Sponsored by Gunma Prefecture1999 Interior design for ‘Art Front Gallery Office’ ‘Shibaura Institute of Technology Ohmiya Campus Clubhouse No.3 Proposal Competition(2nd Prize)’2000 Space design for ‘Spiral Independent Creators Festival’


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