MORIYA Corin & OGUSHI Satoko


Corin Moriya & Satoko Ogushi

Corin Moriya

1945 Born in Tokyo, Japan
Selected Works, Exhibitions, Projects, Workshops

2005 Remembrance of Matisse, Gallery GAN, Tokyo, Japan
1993 Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture, Yamaguchi, Japan
1990 Open-air Sculpture Exhibition of Odawara Castle, Kanagawa, Japan
1998 Exhibition of Kobe Suma Rikyu Park Contemporary Sculpture, Hyogo, Japan
1985 Japan and Australia Cultural Exchange Exhibition of Resent Japanese Art, Melbourne, Australia
Satoko Ogushi

1929 Born in Saitama, Japan
Selected Works, Exhibitions, Projects, Workshops

2001 Workshop in Green-field, Yokosuka Museum Building Lot, Kanagawa, Japan
2001 Creative Art Expression in School’s, Aichi Prefectural Children’s Center, Aichi, Japan
1997 Able-Art Exhibition, National Children’s Castle, Tokyo, Japan
1967 Exhibition of Contemporary International Sculpture, Kanagawa, Japan


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