Imagination × Experience! Micro and Macro Laboratory of Forest Life

Photo by Osamu Nakamura


About the artwork

A special exhibition featuring four artists who “metamorphose” living creatures in the satoyama from diversified standpoints, providing an opportunity for the viewers to see small insects transformed into a gigantic mushroom, or to experience a dreamy world where animals are playing everywhere. Discovering “macro in micro and micro in macro worlds”, the exhibition highlights “life” that exist in the origins of the universe, animals and plants in the satoyama and forest, and even within a tiny cell.
Participating artists and their works
Hiroshi Shinno
Kaname Harada
Genta Honnoh
“High Resolution Human-size Photographs life size” by Norihisa Hashimoto


Artwork no. Y041,Y102,Y103,Y104
Production year 2018
Area Matsunoyama
Village Matsuguchi
Venue Matsuguchii, Tokachi-City, Niigata
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