JIKU-Shinko route

We visit the works by Seiichi Saito/Panoramatics, which are open to the public for a limited time, and tour the early artworks of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale. Lunch is a buffet at Satoyama Shokudo using local products.
Main artworks: JIKU #013 HOKUHOKU-LINE, Matsudai NOHBUTAI, Kyororo, The Last Class


9:15 Meet at and depart from Echigo-Yuzawa Station
9:40 Meet at and depart from Muikamachi Station
10:10 A special experience awaits the passenger of designated trains
"JIKU #013 HOKUHOKU-LINE" by Panoramatiks/Saito Seiichi
Panoramatiks, a spun-off company from Rhizomatiks, was established for creating and implementing alternative social and industrial structures. Using light and sound, this interactive work reveals the founding grids of the region that have disappeared as the urban development has advanced as well as the significance and energy of connecting different regions.
20 min
11:10 House with walls removed and structure exposed.
Antony Gormley, “Another Singularity”
Six hundred and eighty-two cords are stretched from the walls, floor, and ceiling between the pillars and beams, and the artist's own silhouette emerges in the center where they converge.
35 min
12:00 [From car window] Unique outdoor artwork that changes with the seasons
Thomas Eller, “The human re-entering nature”
Realistic photos of (the artist’s) face,hands and feet are printed on this 4-meter high figure of a man. Seen from the side,the boards and poles form (the creator likes to think) the Chinese character for “person”. With time,vines will climb up the figure and cover it.
5 min
12:20 Step into the empty house and you'll find a gorgeous playground!
Toyofuku Ryo, "Golden Playroom"
A luxurious playground. The golden playground, where all parts of daily necessities and industrial goods are painted gold, is where you can actually play, with qilin and phoenixes watching over you as you play, and werewolves and mermaids also appear. This time, the second floor will also be greatly expanded, with a collection of nostalgic game consoles and all sorts of things from around the world, making the space even more mysterious and exciting.
5 min
12:45 Field museum base spreading in satoyama
The base facility of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, featuring programs on ART, food, and agriculture. The building and rooms themselves are artworks. Outside, there are large-scale artworks and fields, allowing visitors to enjoy art while feeling the great outdoors and local life.
13:15 Taste the Season in a Work of Art
Lunch Echigo Matsudai "Satoyama” Shokudo
The buffet features a menu with a twist on local flavors, using plenty of fresh vegetables grown by local farmers and wild vegetables nurtured by the living nature of Echigo-Tsumari. Enjoy the nourishing flavors of Echigo-Tsumari while gazing at the terraced rice paddies and satoyama stretching out before you.
15 min
14:30 A facility that can hold 2000-tonne load, like a submarine
Kyororo (designed by Tezuka Takaharu / Tezuka Yui)
Kyororo standing adjacent to the beech tree forest called Bijinbayashi, is a natural science museum featuring the nature of satoyama in Matsunoyama in the heavy snowfall region. Visitors can enjoy both art and surrounding nature.
10 min
15:00 Installation of black yarn stretched over an empty house
Shiota Chiharu, "House Memory"
The "House Memory" is made of black wool yarn stretched in every direction from the first floor to the ceiling of an empty house. Woven into the yarn are "things that are unwanted but cannot be thrown away" collected from local residents. Please enjoy viewing this work while remembering the silkworm raising that took place on the second floor, and the lifestyle of the young couple and their parents who lived in the house.
5 min
15:20 A large scale installation occupying the entire closed school
"The Last Class" by Christian Boltanski and Jean Kalman
The artwork enclosed the memories of the closed primary school which stands in the region covered with a thick blanket of snow for more than half of the year. Visitors will be immersed in the world of the artwork created by contemporary artist and light artist.
55 min
16:35 Returns to Echigo-Yuzasa Station, the tour completes
17:10 Returns to Muikamachi Station

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Dates May 3(Wed), 7(Sun), Sep 17(Sun), 24(Sun)
Admission General (elementary school students and older) /¥12,500/ Toddler (3-5 years old) ¥5,000 / ¥0 for children under 3 years old.
*In case a meal or a seat on the bus is required, the infant fee will be charged.
(Including bus fare, lunch, guide fee, JIKU fee, and tax)
*A special ticket is necessary to participate in the tour. If you do not have a ticket, please purchase it when you book the tour.
Deadline 6:00 p.m. on the day before the tour date
Origin / Destination Echigo Yuzawa Station East Exit Bus Terminal
Transportation Charter bus(Minami-Echigo Kotsu), Train(Hokuetsu Express Hoku-Hoku Line)
Capacity 25 (minimum number of reminders: 1)
Host Travel planning and execution: Niigata Prefecture Governor's Registered Travel Agency Region-440, NPO Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Collaborative Organization 3743-1 Matsudai, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata Prefecture, Japan Travel Agents Association regular member 025-761-7749 / tour@tsumari-artfield.com

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