How To Get Around

Bus Tour

Bus Tour

Guided tours on bus help you get around the large area while enjoying stories of artworks by knowledgeable guide and exclusive access to some works.


Two major hubs are located within the walking distance from respective stations and visitors can enjoy many different artworks dotted around these hubs. Tokamachi and Matsudai stations are only 10 minutes apart on Hokuhoku line so check out timetable (as they operates approximately once every hour) and plan your visit to these artworks.


Driving would give easy access to visit artworks in mountainous areas and deep corner of Echigo-Tsumari.

Around Tokamachi station

Eki Rent-a-car Tokamachi branch inside Toyota Rentalease
Toyota Rentalease Niigata, Tokamachi branch
  • 1 min walk from west exit of Tokamachi station(8:00-20:00)
  • TEL: +81(0)25-752-6100 (9:00-17:30)
    ※Varies depending on the season
Miyuki Rent-a-car
Lotus Sanyo Automobile Co., Ltd. / Rent-a-car
  • About 1.5km from west exit of Tokamachi station
  • TEL: +81(0)25-757-2135 (8:30-17:30)
Hakuei Rent-a-Car

Around Echigo-Yuzawa station

Eki Rent-a-car Echigo-Yuzawa branch
  • Visitor Centre (Take right at the ticketing gate of Echigo-Yuzawa station)
  • TEL: +81(0)25-785-5082 (8:00-19:00)
Toyota Rentalease Niigata, Echigo-Yuzawa station branch
  • 1 min walk from west exit of Echigo-Yuzawa station
  • TEL: +81(0)25-784-1003 (8:00-20:00)
Nippon Rent-a-car, Echigo-Yuzawa branch
  • 5 min walk from east exit of Echigo-Yuzawa station
  • TEL: +81(0)25-785-5300 (8:00-19:00)
MOTOCO Rent-a-Car Echigo-Yuzawa

Around Tsunan station

Tsunan Suzuki
Naeba Automobile
*You need an international driving license to be able to drive in Japan. Arrange it prior to your travel if you are intending to drive a car.


Let the local expert to take you to your favourite artworks!

Tokamachi station

Tokamachi Kotsu
Tokamachi Taxi
Akashi Kotsu

Tsunan station

Morimiya Kotsu
Tokamachi Taxi Tsunan branch

Matsudai station

Tobu Taxi


Tokamachi Taxi Tazawa branch


Visit artworks in the centre of Tokamachi or around stations by riding bicycle. Make sure you take enough water as you ride along.

Types of rental bicycles

・SATOCHARI (city bike type electrically power assisted bicycle)
・E-bikes (sports-type electrically power assisted bicycles)

Rental locations (SATOCHARI, E-bike)

1. Tokamachi City Tourist Information Center (Tokamachi Station West Exit)
  • 9:00 -17:00 from late April to November (except when it snows)
  • TEL:+81(0)25-750-1277
2. Matsudai/Matsunoyama Onsen Tourist Information Center
  • 9:00 - 17:00 from late April to November (except when it snows)
  • TEL:+81(0)25-597-3442
  • Reservation (Tokamachi City Tourist Association):

Rental locations (E-bikes only)

*Please contact each facility for reservations, procedures, and other details.
1. Matsudai NOBUTAI
  • TEL:+81(0)25-595-6180
2. Matsunoyama Onsen Satoyama Visitor Center
  • TEL:+81(0)25-595-8588
3. Mion Nakasato
  • TEL:+81(0)25-763-4811
4. Aetama Kogen Resort Bernatio Forum Center
  • TEL:+81(0)25-758-2360
Tsunan Town Tourist Association
  • TEL:+81(0)25-765-5585

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