Yamamoto Koji


Born in 1966 in Fukui. YAMAMOTO worked on metal engraving in his 20s after completing master course at Tokyo University of the Arts, he obtained a priesthood and became a Buddhist priest of the Seto sect at the age 30. After training at Sojiji Soin Temple in 1996, he started crate a series of works “phlogiston” which carbonise carved wood. Since his first participation in ETAT2006, presenting work at Gannyu village in Gejo area, he has continued to exhibit his work at different locations from Murono, Kiyotsukyo to KINARE. He believes that while the charcoal as material is easy to break and very fragile, “it never losses its value even if it is broken” as he keeps repairing works that have been damaged or completely broken. He presented his work at Awashima, Kagawa during Setouchi Triennale 2013 and 2016.


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