Good news for those who missed it! Artworks you can visit after 14 Nov


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The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2022 has only two days left. The Triennial will end on November 13, 2022, but some facilities will be open to the public throughout the year and some works will remain on view until late November. If you were not able to visit during the exhibition period, or if you missed some of the works, please take this opportunity to view them so that you do not miss them!

Winter is the best time to visit Echigo-Tsumari. We are preparing a winter program that you can enjoy along with the overwhelming snowy landscape, and we will be releasing information from early December.

*Matsudai Castle and tower are scheduled to be open to the public until November 28, but will be closed as soon as it snows and closed for the winter.

*Please be sure to check the opening hours and days of closure in advance, as they vary depending on the facility and artwork.

The ETAT Passport to view  artworks is not available after 14 Nov. Please purchase individual tickets (common tickets will be sold for winter programs) at each reception desk. Please note that elementary and junior high school students will also be charged.

Artworks that can be viewed until 11/28 (Mon.) (Facilities and works closed during winter)

*Closed for winter as soon as snow falls.
D377 Esther Stocker “Perspectives of Longing” (Matsudai Castle 1F), photo Kioku Keizo

*Closed for winter as soon as snow falls.
D378 Toyofuku Ryo “Laxudai” (Matsudai Castle 2nd floor), photo Kioku Keizo

*Closed for winter as soon as snow falls.
D379 Kurakake Junichi + Nihon University College of Art Sculpture Course Volunteers “Shedding Time” (Matsudai Castle 3F), photo Kioku Keizo

*Closed for winter as soon as snow falls.
D365, 366 Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, “The Monument of Tolerance” and “The Ship of Tolerance”,  photo Nakamura Osamu

T352 Leandro Erlich “Palimpsest: pond of sky” (MonET Corridor * MonET indoor works are open all year round), photo Kioku Keizo

Artworks opening all year round (some works open on weekends and holidays only)

*Open until 11/28 (Mon): except Tue & Wed
*Open from 12/3 (Sat): Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only

Y052 Christian Boltanski + Jean Kalman “The Last Class”,  photo T.Kuratani

*Closed on Tue & Wed 
T125 Museum on Echigo-Tsumari, MonET (indoor artworks / special exhibitions will be held in the corridor during the winter program)

*Closed on Tuesdays
Y019 Echigo-Matsunoyama “Forest School” Kyororo (architecture, a group of indoor works)

*Open daily (temporary closure depending on snowfall) 
N079 Ma Yansong/MAD Architects “Tunnel of Light” (in Kiyotsukyo Gorge Tunnel)

There are also several other outdoor artworks that are open to the public throughout the year. Please take a look at them as well.

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Echigo Tsumari Art Field Information Center
Address Museum on Echigo-Tsumari, MonET 6-1, 71-2, Honcho, Tokamachi-city, Niigata Prefecture, 948-0003
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