[27 Oct updated] Information on changes and updates during the exhibition (must read before visiting)


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Change Information List

The official guide application is linked to this website, but it does not reflect any changes in real time, so please visit the website for the latest information.

▼ Information on changes to the public (updated 27 Oct)
Fukasawa Takafumi Special Exhibition “Akiyama Living and Art Rebuilding Museum – Taguchi Hiromi Akiyamago Matagi Hunting Video Screening
The exhibition will be closed to the public on Nov 12 (Sat) due to a symposium to be held on the 2nd floor of the venue (only participants will be allowed to view the works during the symposium). However, the artworks on the 1st floor will be open to the public.

T407  Kageyama Ken, “Here-Upon: With Jomon Time”
On 13 Nov(Sun.), the artwork will be moved to the venue next to where it will be exhibited, and an “Otakiage” event will be held. Therefore, the artwork will be moved on 12 Nov (Sat) and will be open to the public until 11 Nov(Fri).   ≫Event Details

K034 Ashitaka Hiromi, “Passage”
Due to construction, the exhibition will be closed from 24 Oct (Mon.) to 7  Nov(Mon.). It will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and will reopen on 10 Nov (Thu).

▼Possible Suspension of 9/19 Works for Typhoon Preparedness[ 9/18 updated]
Due to the approach of Typhoon No. 14, there is a possibility that four outdoor artworks will be temporarily suspended on 19 Sep. We will work sequentially depending on the weather conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The period of suspension will be as follows:
9/19 (Mon., national holiday) → Each works will be open to the public from the next opening day.

Works subject to the suspension:
T426 Tashima Seizo / Summer Exhibition “I Signs of life: The Story of Towa and Toto” (only some outdoor works)  → Restored from 9/22 (Thu.)
N085 joylabo “At the Bottom of the Swimming Pool”   →Restored from 9/24 (Sat)
N083 Masuda Keisuke “Kiji-shi’s apprentice base”   →Restored from 9/22 (Thu.)
D209 Claude Lévêque “In the Silence or in the Noise / Semaphores’ Garden” (*Outdoor work only)   →Restored from 9/24 (Sat.)

▼Hastily Closed Works [9/8 updated]
M053 Paola Pivi “Untitled project for Echigo-Tsumari”
Due to damage caused by strong winds, the exhibition will not be open to the public during the exhibition period.

Opened only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 9/5~11/13 ⇒Opened also on weekdays (except Tuesdays and Wednesdays) [ 9/2 updated]

T423 Fukasawa Takafumi, “Snow Tower”
T408 Nakazaki Tohru, “Note to myself: For days when I will take a seat on a new tatami chair”
T214 Antony Gormley, “Another Singularity”
T425 Kuri Mayumi, “builds crowd”
T325 Jimmy Liao, “Kiss & Goodbye” (Doichi Station)
T326 Jimmy Liao, “Kiss& Goodbye” (Echigo-Mizusawa Station)
Y072 Shiota Chiharu, “House Memory”

▼ Open until 9/4 ⇒ Open except Tues & Wed until 11/13 [ 9/2 updated]

K111 Tanji Yoshihiko + Hashimoto Manabu, “Kowaki Project”
M073 Hayasaki Manami, “Invisible Grove”

Change of Release Dates  [updated 8/21]
The release dates of the following two films have been partially changed.

Y052 Christian Boltanski + Jean Kalman “The Last Classroom”
Change:  Closed to the public on 10 Sep – 11 Sep→ Open to the public on 10 Sep – 11 Sep (*Please note that the gymnasium will be closed to visitors due to the event)

N083 Keisuke Masuda “Kiji-shi’s apprentice base”
Change: Open to the public except Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 4 Sep → until 25 Sep

▼Addition of locations for temperature checks and wristband distribution (updated 7/28)
From 7/30 onward, visitors may enter and view artworks after taking their temperature and checking their physical condition individually at each artwork’s reception desk. However, some artwork facilities do not distribute wristbands, so we recommend that you stop by the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale Information Desk.

▼Hastily Closed Works
D322 Ohmaki Shinji “Where the spiritual shadow descends”
Due to difficulties in procurement of materials caused by the situation in Ukraine, the exhibition will not be open to the public during the exhibition period.

T430 Mapped to the Closest Address “We like to watch clumsy-seeming Mountains”
Due to the delay in the production of the work, the exhibition will be postponed. We will inform you when the date is fixed.

T441【Tomiyama Taeko】 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2000-2022 Memorial Exhibition Series-Artists Still Alive in Echigo-Tsumari
Due to a change in direction, the exhibition will be canceled at short notice.

Y116 Ongoing Collective “Ongoing Village”
Due to a delay in the production of the work, the public viewing of the work has been postponed. We will inform you of the date of the public showing of the work and the date of the workshop at the site of the work as soon as it is fixed.

▼Facilities and works that are partially closed to the public (*Updated 7/29)
The timing of the opening of some works at the same facility may differ depending on the work. Please confirm in advance that some of the works are open to the public at different times even within a single work.

@Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, MonET
[T429] Angelica Markl “Zone Yonaguni” 9/22~.

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