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Change Information List

The official guide application is linked to this website, but it does not reflect any changes in real time, so please visit the website for the latest information.

▼Suspension due to maintenance of the work (*Updated 5/23)
The following works have been open to the public since 4/29 except for Tuesday and Wednesday, but maintenance work will be performed due to the poor condition of the works. Due to this, the works will be suspended from 5/24 (Tue.) to 6/3 (Fri.).

D312 “Arch of Life” by Ilya & Emilia Kabakov (Closed: 5/24 (Tue.) – 6/3 (Fri.))

▼Change of the opening date of artworks due to melting snow: 6/2 → 5/21 (*Updated 5/16)
Due to the melting snow, the following works, which were scheduled to be shown on 6/2, can now be shown from 5/21.

T134 Furugori Hiroshi, ”The placenta ― Misyaguchi”
K029 Kasukabe Kan, “20 minute walk”
N017 Children in Shirahake +Aoki Noe, “LIKE SWIMMING”
N012 Chris Matthews,”Nakasato Scarecrow Garden”
D311 Matsuda Shigehito, “Circle – Connection – Performance”
D063 Toshimori Isao,”Maze for Tourists”
D064 Inoue Hiroko, “Memory – Regeneration”
D353 John Körmeling, “hi 8 way”
D004 Tachiki Izumi, ”Pool of Water”
D004 Kawaguchi Tatsuo, “Relation-Earth/the Big Dipper”
D006 Oiwa Oscar, “Scarecrow Project”
D010 Ushijima Tatsuji, “
D011 Madan Lal, “Peace Garden”
D186 Charles-Eric Billard, “Space Slitar Orchestra”
D066 Chang Yung Ho + Atelier FCJZ, “Rice House”
D067 Yanagisawa Noriko, “Toru”
D070 Périphériques, “Matsudai Small Tower”
D099 Tsuchiya Kimio, “Creative Garden”
D129 Shiozawa Hironobu, “Inagohabitambo”
D104 Hoshina Toyomi, ”BUNAGAIKE Botanical Garden “Mother‘s Tree Midair Garden”
D050 Egami Keita, “Jack in the Box. Version for Matsudai”
D051 Francisco Infante, “Point of View”
D052 Go Akira, ”corridor・・・A Water Vein of Time”
Y029 Funakoshi Naoki, ”Birth of Stars”
Y012 Kasahara Yukiko+Miyamori Haruna, “Metamorphosis : The Memory that Dwells in ‘Place’”
M026 Guan Huaibin, “The Voyage Beyond Time”
M011 Kim Koohan,  “House of Magpies”
M028 Lin Shuen Long, “Beyond the Borders”

▼ Four additional temperature check spots (*Updated 5/1)
In addition to the original 16 spots, 4 spots have been added for a total of 20 spots where visitors can take their temperatures and check their physical condition before viewing artworks. Please be sure to stop by the temperature check spots at the beginning of the day before viewing the artworks.

[Additional temperature check spots]
Ubusuna House
Nunagawa Campus
The last classroom
Museum of Picture Book and Fruit Art

Some facilities are not open during certain periods. Please refer to the following PDF for details on operation periods and hours.

▼Facilities and works that are partially closed to the public (*Updated 5/1)
The timing of the opening of some works at the same facility may differ depending on the work. Please confirm in advance that some of the works are open to the public at different times even within a single work.

@Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art, MonET
[T420] Nakaya Fujiko “Kirikagura” 7/30~.
[T429] Angelica Markl “Zone Yonaguni” 9/22~.

@Hachi & Seizo Tajima Museum of Picture Books and Fruits
Spring special exhibition and summer/fall special exhibition open to the public at different times

@Sakao Koichi “Green Room Project 2021-2022”.
Newly developed part is 7/30~.

@Yukihisa Isobe Memorial Echigo-Tsumari Kiyotsu Warehouse Museum [SoKo].
[N085] joylabo “At the Bottom of the Pool” 7/30~.
[N086] “Earth Collection Exhibition 2022” 7/30~.

@Nunagawa Campus
[D384] “Earth Collection Exhibition 2022” 7/30~ @ Nunagawa campus

[T424] Chihiro Kabata “House of Stream”
2F open to the public after summer

@Tujamachi City Risetsu Chikyusetsu General Center
[T430] Mapped to the Closest Address “Viewing Mount Error” 7/30~.

[T321] Nawin Rawanchaikul + Nawin Productions “The School of Akakura”
The new paintings, a counterpart to the old works, will be shown in the summer.

▼Hastily Closed Works
Kuwakubo Ryota “LOST#6”.
The work is closed to the public for the time being due to damage to the work caused by visitors’ contact with the work due to breach of manners.

  • A006:  TANGO, 101 Frames/ “Sleepless in Echigo”
    Due to the lockdown in Shanghai, China, the arrival of the booklet has been delayed. Please note that the book will be on sale as soon as it arrives. [Updated on 10 April]

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